Selsan Pedal Foot Operated Hand Sanitizer Bollard Silver

Made entirely from medical stainless steel, this non-touch, fully mechanical, and weather resistant dispenser is the perfect solution for any public space.


Note: The small height of this model makes it suitable for areas such as schools, nurseries and childrens playgrounds. 




Stainless Steel


1 Litre Capacity + Pump



Tube Size




Selsan Pedal Foot Operated Hand Sanitizer Bollard Silver

    • 74.25cm tall
    • 1 Litre capacity (33 ounces)
    • Arrives fully assembled
    • No batteries or power needed
    • Can be filled with any hand sanitizer you prefer, gel or liquid
    • No cartridges or subscriptions required
    • Refilling it is easy – just remove the top with included tools and pour in
    • The open meter level allows you to easily check the level of sanitizer
    • Weather and time resistant, rust-free
    • Designed for heavy duty use
    • Quiet and sealed
    • Can be moved to different locations or bolted down to create a permanent sanitizing station
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