25 PCS 3 Ply Disposable Medical Face Mask

Product features

  • Three layers
  • Lightweight and disposable
  • Protects against dust and bacteria

Product description

Lightweight 3-layer face mask

Tiny droplets are released into the air when you speak, cough and sneeze. These droplets may carry harmful particles, wearing a face mask can reduce the number of droplets released from the wearer into the air, which can protect others.


These face masks have 3 layers: the top and bottom layers are manufactured from spun-bonded polypropylene, non-woven fabric. The centre layer is polypropylene melt-brown non-woven fabric. These face masks offers an optimum and comfortable fit, whilst being light-weight and secure thanks to the ear loops.


Features of IIR 3 PLY surgical face mask pack of 10

  • Each mask conforms to the EN 14683 standard and offers 98% bacterial filtration efficiency
  • Prevents particles entering the body through the nose or mouth
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Ear loop fitting
  • Comfortable fit
  • Glass fibre free

25 PCS 3 Ply Disposable Medical Face Mask

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    • Adults
    • Children under supervision
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