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Benchmark School Dining Tables

Seats up to 20 students per tables & reduces lunchtime set-up!


Whether you’re looking to solve space problems to increase capacity, or you have furniture storage issues, we have the ideal solution for you.


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Each table can be customised with a graphic of your choice. Break free from the ordinary cafeteria look and display your school’s personality!


Compact Storage

Six Benchmark tables require a footprint of less than 1.6m x 2.24m (5ft 3″ x 7ft 4″) footprint with each additional table adding just 28cm (11-inches).


Safer dining

Stable in both the down and upright positions, thanks to locking latches anti-glide legs and DoubleGuard anti-tipping feet

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 Increased Dining Capacity

You’ll fit more Benchmark tables in your storage area – that means more capacity in your hall without taking up more room.

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 Easy Action

Lift Assist System provides smooth, controlled operation and the easiest lifting tables in the UK.


Lifetime warranty

From 1st January 2021, our Benchmark tables are covered by a lifetime warranty when the service and maintenance contract is signed up for at the time of order.